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An Image to Develop Chapter 6

Title: An Image to Develop
Rating: PG(?)
Pairs: None (I'm using a third party)
Photography has always been a passion of Erica. She attended Nippon Photography Institute (NPI) in Tokyo, Japan in order to pursue her passion. And the moment she stepped into the country she fell in love with it. The picturesque place was worth a shot from her camera.

She never once thought of wanting to go back to her homeland instead, she willingly stayed in the country. Her years of stay in the country grew as she discovered new places to explore and in every place she went, she’ll have tons of pictures to developed to bring back at her house.

Her classmates even made fun of her at times, saying that she’s a photo freak and such but she didn’t mind after all, her friends are only teasing her. She and her friends are all attending the same institute and also pursuing the same passion. Although they are not the top of the class, still they have their own specialties. And Erica's forte as still images but her professor wants her to try photographing people. A suggestion she refused to do. Until that moment in Nagano prefecture.
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[fanfiction] Back with You (ShingoPi)

Title: Back with You
Author: valenstrange
Pairing: Katori Shingo × Yamashita Tomohisa
Type: oneshot (6000 words)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: slash, romance
Summary: Shingo and Pi, who have been together for almost four years already, faced the challenges of a temporary long distance relationship. Loosely based on when Pi went to Malaysia in May 2016, but changing some facts about that. Also loosely linked to my previous story, Clothes and Books, but can be read without that, too. It's cheesy and sex and cheesy sex, basically. (Ignoring what's going on around SMAP so hard.)

“You’re back, huh?”
{ShingoPi} turn off the lights

[fanfiction] Clothes and Books (ShingoPi)

Title: Clothes and Books
Author: valenstrange
Pairing: Katori Shingo × Yamashita Tomohisa
Type: oneshot (2400 words)
Rating: PG
Genre: slash, romance
Summary: Shingo and Yamapi got together during the promos of their single as 'The MONSTERS' and have been dating for three years already.

Note: Hereby attempting to make up for the lack of ShingoPi fics/anything. I hope I'm not the only one being hopelessly in love with this pairing ever since MONSTERS!

"You’d really need to throw out some clothes."