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ProDai DVD

Hi folks im Currently DL the Prodai DVD things I find and well U know good ol Kazama has to share so~~ here ya go
If anybody has Different Mirrors Share pweezee

Ive got 
So far only the Deleted Scenes uploaded but im at it ^^ (if my comp doesnt Go down the drain~~~PRAY WIT ME!!!!)

Deleted Scenes
Off Shots
Eri My Love
the Press Conference
Promo 1
Promo 2
Ending witout the Credits ^^

I'll keep on Editing as They are finished DL and finished UL ^^

Comments are my Beloved food XD

I thought I'll add this maybe it will clear some things up~~~ (I really dont know if this helps XD)
I really dont know if the extra is going to be released but if it is I'll try to UL as fast as I can ^^

Proposal Daisakusen (DVD) (Boxset) (End) (Japan Version) 

Stubborn and proud to a fault, Iwase Ken (Yamashita Tomohisa) has been in love with his friend Yoshida Rei (Nagasawa Masami) for years, but never found the courage to confess his feelings. Now that Rei is getting married to another man (Fujiki Naohito), there's nothing left that Ken can do. Or is there? At Rei's wedding, a fairy (Mikami Hiroshi) appears before Ken and sends him back in time. Given a second chance for love, will Ken be able to get over his leaden feet and win over Rei? Or is history bound to repeat itself?

NEWS heartthrob Yamashita Tomohisa (Byakkotai) and popular actress Nagasawa Masami (Touch) paired up before two years ago in Dragon Zakura, and they show even better chemistry this time in Fuji TV's popular drama Proposal Daisakusen. Helping to boost the drama's photogenic points further are Fujiki Naohito (Hotaru no Hikari), Eikura Nana (My Sister, My Love), and Hiraoka Yuta (First Kiss). Lighthearted romance with a time-travel twist, Proposal Daisakusen is surprisingly realistic in its portrayal of the characters' personalities and relationships, and how lives change, or don't change, because of the time blip. Humorous and affecting, Proposal Daisakusen easily ranks as one of the most heartfelt trendy J-dramas of 2007.

This edition includes the following special features:

  • "Small Proposal Strategy" (11 Cellphone Download Episodes & DVD Version Finale)
  • End Theme by Kuwata Keisuke
  • Making Of
  • Pre-Finale Special
  • Production Announcement
  • Undercover Report 

    Taken from Yes Asia

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